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    WME Electronic Jacquard Machine


    Quick Details

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

    Brand Name:WUMU

    Model Number:WME2688

    Machine Type:Shedding: Electronic Jacquard

    Product:Electronic Jacquard Machine

    Material Capabilities:Cotton, wool, chemical fiber etc.



    After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

    Model:2688 Hooks

    Application:Jacquard Product

    Warrenty:1 Year


    Type:WME1344 Hooks, WME2688 Hooks

    Rotate speed:300 rpm

    Shedding form:Double motion type fully-open shed.

    Characteristics:Easy adaption and versatile, user-friendly, minimal maintenance

    Keyword:electronic jacquard loom machine

    Name:2688 Hooks 300 rpm electronic jacquard weaving machine price

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details

    Wooden Pullet;Packing suitable for container shipment

    Delivery Time

    Shipped in 20 days after payment

    2688 Hooks 300 rpm electronic jacquard weaving machine price

    Type: WME1344 Hooks, WME2688 Hooks

    Rotate speed: 300 rpm for jacquard knitting machine

    Selection Method: Drive circuit board+ solenoid/ board+ sheet/ steel+ lifting knife

    Shedding form: Double motion type fully-open shed.

    Transmission Type: Vertical-shaft +gear box

    Note: Other specifications can be made according to customers’ requirements.


    Easy adaption and versatile, user-friendly, minimal maintenance.

    Main Application

    ·         Fabric Suitability: Suitable for most jacquard-weaving applications such as trademarks, ties, terry cloths, decorative fabrics, curtain cloth, sofa cloth, table cloth and all kinds of jacquard fabrics.

    ·         Field of application: It can be matched with kinds of Chinese or domestic rapier loom, air jet, water-jet and towel weaving machines.

    ·         Futures: This series of jacquard has eccentric driving mode + gear box. It can realize steady transmission, which has less noise and longer service life.  By imputing jacquard CAD design software controls system via USB interface. Easy management and flexible application. 

    Packaging Details: Wooden Shelves Bracket

    Delivery Detail: Container

    Hangzhou Wumu Technology Co.,Ltd. is the earliest high-tech enterprise specializing in electronic jacquard machines, a wide assortment of textile automation equipment and also textile Computer Aided Design(CAD) software research, development, production, sales and service.

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