Hangzhou WUMU Technology Co., Ltd. is the oldest high-tech enterprise specializing in electronic jacquard machine, a wide assortment of textile automation equipment and also textile Computer Aided Design (CAD) software research, development, production, sales and service.
      Our researchers began to study textile automation in the 1970s. By the end of the 1980s, we had developed fabric system competitive in markets worldwide. In the 1990s we developed a series of products including in electronic jacquard machine, loom control systems, rug-overtufting machine control systems, fabric simulation CAD system etc. Our products won several national and provincial awards and also over 20 patents for Chinese inventions, practical and novel patents, software copyrights etc.

     WUMU is on the drafting commitee for national electronic jacquard industry standard. Products are used in the whole country and exported to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Iran area and other countries and regions. Our main products include  electronic jacquard machines as WMT, WMZ-L, WMF, WMG, WME series, woven samples, double shed electronic jacquard machine, loom control system, rug-overtufting machine control system, fabric CAD software, fabric simulation CAD etc. Fabric software is loved by masses of users and this top sale product has the widest influence in the domestic market.

      With the target "integrity, technology, quality and service", WUMU will ensure better products and service for domestic and overseas customers.

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