• Ancient women's noble artifact han dynasty jacquard machine to hang

    Column:Industry news Time:2015-10-15

    Zhejiang news client reporter ma li

           This month, the silk road silk: origins, dissemination and communication, a major exhibition of the China silk museum, will end on Oct. 15.

          This is no ordinary loom. It is the world's first jacquard loom.

    From July 2012 to August 2013, four wooden jacquard loom models, also known as funerary objects, were unearthed for the first time at the shanxi han period cemetery of laoguan in tianhui town, chengdu.

    The jacquard has been buried in the ground for more than 2,000 years. So, for three years, experts have been working on conservation and restoration. At the end of the exhibition, two of the machines had just been restored and were still operational, and they were quickly shipped to hangzhou.

    It seems that these two jacquard machines look like the loom in our mind. What's so strange about them? Look at the interview with the jacquard machine.

    Reporter (hereinafter referred to as the record) : jacquard machine, hello, you are not hua mulan home that loom?

           Jacquard machine (hereinafter referred to as ti) : "haw haw, mulan when home weaving", her machine is my younger brother, but plain loom, weaving is ordinary cloth, such as cloth. I want a lot of high-end, specialized woven patterns, such as brocade, satin. The most famous dujinsheng in hangzhou is made by me.

    Reporter: but your appearance level is average. How great is it?

    Ti: for thousands of years, I have relied on strength rather than appearance. You know embroidery, a stitch is a pattern. And I had to write a program that could be used over and over again.

    The invention of the first computer was influenced by the telegraph, and the telegraph was influenced by the jacquard, and I can say inspired by the computer. More importantly, I was invented in China.

           Reporter: so, in ancient times, you are a woman's essential show virtuous artifact?

    T: you're wrong. Because my products were very noble, they were rare in the han dynasty. This is not something that ordinary people have. Like han dynasty, I will weave shu brocade, there will be dedicated to this aspect of the talent to use.

    For our jacquard machine family, because to weave patterns, programming, difficult, so become precious, the whole process is confidential. We have a saying: the bride is not the daughter. Because the daughter wants to marry out, so must not tell her, can not pass on to her.

    So, at that time to want to marry well, careful use of jacquard machine.

    (thanks to zhao feng, director of the China silk museum, and xiao shan, director of the cultural relics protection center of chengdu museum, for supporting this article)

    Silk road silk: origin, dissemination and communication

          When: before October 15

    Where: west lake museum (89 nanshan road, hangzhou)

    Reminder: the show is only a month away, with the last three days to go. The exhibits are carefully selected by the China silk museum from 26 cultural and museological archaeological institutions across the country, most of which are from northwest China. Take the time to watch it.

    According to qianjiang evening news

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