The Perks of Being a Photographer

This seems like a fitting time to mention the perks of being a photographer.

Yes meeting good looking women is the top one but another is the contacts you meet through all of this. I’ve made so many friends like lawyers, surgeons all sort of high profile people or otherwise would never really think to talk to me.

The connections I’ve made have been great for making friends, getting new clients but last week was a new one for me. A photographer in the similar area as me said he works with an agency who is looking for men with long hair for shoots and said he pays pretty decent and gave me his card to reach the studio.

I was pretty pumped not for the money but more of someone was finally digging my hair, I’ve had such struggles with it deciding to cut it or not. I spent so many times watching youtube videos of hair journeys and reading hair websites that kept my motivation up on staying strong it will look better.

Anyways got a little off track there, back to the perks.
Yes, there are benefits of being a photographer. There are also a few of the bad but we are talking about the good things in this post. One of the good things is you get to be a mysterious person when going to an event full of people. People passing by are always like ‘who is that’ or they turn to the only people in the event that know who I am (the event planners) and go ‘are you going to introduce me?’ Sometimes this method gets me in contact with new business and it also gets me compliments on my long hair. Occasionally, it gets me to lock eyes with women and casual dates and meetups.

Another perk is that when I get booked for photography sessions almost all of them deal with having free food. I usually do get a lot of bookings and I barely cook myself. Most of the food in my pantry in my home have gone bad already. I know it is bad to say but free food are my favorite two words- granted, nobody said free food but the event planners always tell me to help myself. Hearing those words are enough for me. Hey, one less expense for me.

The best one for me is gaining more of a reputation for my work. Also, getting more business contacts are a plus. They see proofs of my work from an event that they attended which, in turn, gives me a good rep. I am also not shy about handing out business cards when I get the urge.

Many people don’t get to be as lucky and travel the world and my ability to is something that I am really grateful for. This career has taken me to travel places that I never would have thought I would have been. I almost had to turn down my first session abroad because I didn’t have my passport and nowadays it takes seemingly forever just to get one sent to you. Luckily, the person waited an extra month just for me and that just made me feel pretty special.

The Art of Selfies

Once upon a time, if you wanted to take a family picture or even one of yourself you had to put some effort into it. You had to set up the camera with a tripod or stand then get your area ready. You, then, set a timer on the camera and clicked the button to take a picture. The only downfall with that was you had to quickly get in front of the camera to get your picture taken. The process was even more difficult if you had to pose.

Nowadays, you can take family photos and selfies effortlessly. With front cameras on devices, technology is very advanced in the art of picture taking on almost any device. The only thing that seems to be lacking are the number of Megapixels within a device. Taking pictures are easy with just a touch of a button but what some people forget about is the editing process. That part is not yet advanced enough to be in all devices. Yes, there are online photo editors and photo editing apps that you can use but cropping, resizing, and coloring are only a tiny portion of the editing process.

But what can I say about technology for photography? This generation uses a long stick for taking photos and I don’t see anything wrong with their arms. What has this world come to? A front camera was enough of advancement but a stick? A front camera was enough because a timer wasn’t necessary but with the stick you still have to reach with your arm. To make your life easier just get your picture taken by someone…wait…but then again that’s why camera with front lenses were invented- to take away the hassle of having to ask someone who is probably too occupied to take your picture for you. Front lenses were invented so people can stop asking random strangers to take their pictures.

What is my Muse

A muse is simply a person’s inspiration. I have no problems finding mine. There are quite a few things that gets me inspired and make me feel happy about what I do. I am usually a dark person who just keeps to myself. I feel so lonely in a group of crowded people and I guess that with photography I can be a loner and capture what I see on film. If I am in a crowded area or even on a train I tap into this lonely feeling that I get and it makes me want to observe my surroundings. When I am in a group of people I don’t instantly take pictures. I stop to see what is going on and if something catches my eye as a fond memory that one would want to remember I picture it.

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to go to a place where I get a sense of high heights and take pictures of what I see in the air. I just love the feeling of being on top of the world. If I could I would find a way to get on top of Mount Everest and take pictures from above from the edge. I would want to find the perfect angle and go crazy taking photos. I also wouldn’t mind a penthouse view with photos of the nearby surroundings. Sometimes I wish I had a private jet along with a driver so I could take pictures from the sky and clouds. It’s just something about being in the air that makes me feel alive and at my happiest. On the ground, I tend to feel at my lowest but when I walk into a building the elevators get me so excited once I’m up at the top floor and I instantly rush to a window for the view.

Isn’t Photography Easy

Being a professional photographer is a full time job for me. Some people appreciate it and others look down on it as being just another ‘freelance’ gig (not naming names…yet). I do observe other jobs that people have other than mine and I honestly believe that it takes a certain skill and passion to do each job especially for the people that love their jobs and treat it like a full time job. There is a proverb that says that once you find something that you love to do you’ll never have to work another day in your life. I do live by that and make it my cup of tea each morning meaning that the proverb is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Anyone can say that ‘just anybody can be a photographer’ but I do beg to differ. The first question is if you even want to really be a photographer? The next one is can you do it right? Other questions to ask yourself is can you operate a camera? Operating a photographer’s camera is not something that requires being tech savvy it just requires memory. Back to my first question of if you really want to be a photographer? It may be easy but standing up all day on your feet is a must. Another daunting task is to picture yourself in a crowded room with you being in the center of the room. Everyone is talking and enjoying themselves. You are the one with the camera and you are the ones taking pictures and capturing moments. Which moments would you capture first? What would be the first picture that you take and of what?

If you feel that you would like to attend a stranger’s event and take pictures the whole time then feel free to take up photography but make sure that your camera is equipped and you take pictures of all that goes on including the good, bad, and the ugly- also try to stay out of people’s way and be sure to say hello to the strangers often. When and if you get introduced be sure to give out a business card or two if you remember. Good luck trying to get a break and miss something but on the bright side, once you are done, free food (if there is any left).

Why People Don’t Like Pictures Taken Off Guard


Some of the best moments captured on camera have been pictures that were taken while the people have absolutely no clue that they were getting their picture taken. These kinds of pictures come out so beautiful and rare. It captures the scene and essence of what was happening then and there.

I know that average men and women hate getting their pictures taken while they aren’t aware. That statement pertains to mostly women of this day and age but I don’t see why. An average woman is still beautiful as she is and doesn’t always need to have her hair done perfectly and makeup done to perfection. Sometimes, all it takes is to look in a certain direction with eyes of wonderment for a great picture to be taken. And just like a woman doesn’t need to do her makeup or wear a nice outfit, pictures don’t always have to be in color either to capture the perfect moment.

Grayscale or either sepia has an old, classic feel to it. Grayscale seems to be a commonly used color for capturing old moments that, the person taking the picture, would like to last.
Speaking of lasting moments, when I go to events like a parade, wedding, or birthday party the best pictures that the family seems to prefer and also hire me for are the pictures of everyone in the room-not posing but just having fun.

The people in the scene don’t seem to mind and actually may have a little laugh at the pictures, days or even months, after it was taken. Maybe because they see themselves in the background or they just simply appreciate the picture being taken and the moment being captured.
So for the question about why people don’t like their picture being taken while off guard is a question I don’t have the answer to.

Finding The Perfect Camera For You

Every photographer needs a camera just like every director needs a script. Every cameramen needs camera but when I first became a photographer I had no idea what camera would be a perfect fit for me. At first, I didn’t want to seem like a fancy, high class, stuck up photographer and I felt that the camera I chose would reflect that. I guess I had it all wrong because the way you act, the way you dress, and the way that you portray myself does all of the talking for you and that I learned the hard way.

When I started I didn’t really have a lot of money and good quality camera seem to cost a fortune not to mention good tripods. I came to the realization that there wasn’t such a thing as a ‘good’ tripod. What works for me is a simple tripod that is sturdy enough and does its job, other than that I am perfectly fine with cheap and inexpensive. The same goes for cameras with me. I did my first gig with a simple camcorder but made sure it had a good number of megapixels or else it wasn’t worth crap to me and whomever got their pictures taken.

It was a simple digital camera and it got the job done just fine without any problem. Luckily the lighting in the room wasn’t too bad and there weren’t any complaints on the pictures. I tried to lighten up the pictures when I was in the editing process but some things you can’t take away from the pictures. After, I had enough gigs that brought in good money the first thing I did was get a better camera. I shopped so much and compared quality and prices but no matter how hard I tried there isn’t much of any deals in the month of May. But luckily, there was a pawn shop not too far from where I was staying and it had reasonable priced cameras and equipment. I still go to that pawn shop sometimes it helped me out so much. Sometimes finding the right camera for you only takes a quick trip to a pawn shop. Good times!

Beach Photo Day

I was recently booked for a photo session by an aspiring model who needed her head and body shots taken. She also wanted fun glamour shots for her portfolio too. I had never did a session on the beach and it was perfect experience and it happened on the perfect day. The sun was out and it wasn’t too hot outside (thank you Jesus) and there was a bit of a breeze. What was crazy was that there weren’t very many people on the beach and this was a popular beach that was filled with people almost every day.

It is not every day that I get to take multiple photos of a pretty woman so I definitely admired that plus she was in a tight fitting bikini. I didn’t say that to her of course but admired her beauty from a distance and in my mind. The background of the beach waves and sand were very awesome. I really enjoyed the shoot as much as she did. I know that she enjoyed the way that the pictures turned out.

The good thing about it was that I didn’t have to do much editing to the pictures. The only bad things was that her long hair was blowing in the wind and so way mine. I had to get my hair out of my eyes so much it almost distracted me from my work. I spent most of the time trying to tame my hair. Good thing that we took breaks in the middle of a few pictures in order to wait for the wind to die down.

I’m past that part now because after the shoot was done not only did I get the girl’s telephone number for extra business but she also wants me to call her for coffee or something.
Since my hotel was not too far from the beach I walked back to it and changed out of my clothes to enjoy the beach myself with my hair pulled back. I stayed for like an hour until a storm seemed like it was coming so I just headed back to my hotel. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Trading the Camera for my Mother-In-Law

I know the title sounds weird but I had the weirdest dream last night. I think that this photography career is really getting to me. I love it but I guess I really do care what people think of me. I think that everyone whose job is considered freelance might have people around them telling them to get a real job. Sometimes it matters to them and sometimes people don’t give it a second though. I do care but then again I don’t. I think the part of my brain that cares come out in my dreams like it did last night.

I had a dream that I had got married to an some blondish woman (only detail I can remember) and her mother did not approve of me. We were over her mother’s house and apparently my wife loved her mother so much and always took her word on things that she suggested. Well, not everything or else she wouldn’t have married me. But basically, the way that it played out was that we were over her mother’s house and every time I spoke to her or suggested something her mother always had something smart to say back. I mean this woman was a complete- (let’s not say that word).

I don’t understand this part but I was still supposedly in the living room and saw her and her mother standing in the kitchen talking and arguing about how she should not date a man without a real job. This part of the dream is where I woke up. It made me think: why is the world so hard on freelancers? We go through things like clients, attitudes, and our time gets taken just like everyone else. We also get paid just like everyone else and some us get paid way more than anyone with an average 9 to 5 job so why is it a big deal? We get paid for what we do right? It’s a job.

How I Became a Photographer

Believe it or not but I didn’t always want to be a photographer. I wanted to be a meteorologist (yes, the weatherman) but I had no idea on how to go about it or what the requirements were. I had and still do have a fascination with weather and how a man or a woman could possibly predict what the weather will be like today, this week, or even this month. To this day, I still can’t help but to take pictures of the sky and take a diluted guess on the weather.

That dream was a dream that had gotten put to rest awfully quickly.The reason why was because, my parents always made it a thing to want the best for us kids.
So…that meant striving to always get good grades, getting grounded when we took home Cs, and almost attending the best colleges.

My father wanted me to become either a doctor or a lawyer. Yes, it sounds so cliché but believe me there are parents out there like mine-no kidding. When I told my father I wanted to be a meteorologist he almost flipped.

Why? I don’t know because he told me one day that I didn’t necessarily have to be a doctor or lawyer but I should have a career that rakes in money and keeps me busy as a good foundation for my family (which I don’t have and have yet to call the chick from the photography session).

While having a good fountain is all fine and dandy and such but my career teacher also said that it’s best if I do something I love and I do agree on that.
By the time it was time for me to attend college my dad asked me which one and I had already made up my mind that I didn’t know yet and I wanted time to think my priorities over.

My dad and I got into a debate argument and I stopped it before it got any further. I love my dad dearly but he got to choose his career and its only fair that I choose mine. One day I finally came to the realization that becoming a meteorologist wasn’t for me I became the next best thing that I was good at: a photo taker. Ever since then I did it and haven’t looked back since.