Beach Photo Day

I was recently booked for a photo session by an aspiring model who needed her head and body shots taken. She also wanted fun glamour shots for her portfolio too. I had never did a session on the beach and it was perfect experience and it happened on the perfect day. The sun was out and it wasn’t too hot outside (thank you Jesus) and there was a bit of a breeze. What was crazy was that there weren’t very many people on the beach and this was a popular beach that was filled with people almost every day.

It is not every day that I get to take multiple photos of a pretty woman so I definitely admired that plus she was in a tight fitting bikini. I didn’t say that to her of course but admired her beauty from a distance and in my mind. The background of the beach waves and sand were very awesome. I really enjoyed the shoot as much as she did. I know that she enjoyed the way that the pictures turned out.

The good thing about it was that I didn’t have to do much editing to the pictures. The only bad things was that her long hair was blowing in the wind and so way mine. I had to get my hair out of my eyes so much it almost distracted me from my work. I spent most of the time trying to tame my hair. Good thing that we took breaks in the middle of a few pictures in order to wait for the wind to die down.

I’m past that part now because after the shoot was done not only did I get the girl’s telephone number for extra business but she also wants me to call her for coffee or something.
Since my hotel was not too far from the beach I walked back to it and changed out of my clothes to enjoy the beach myself with my hair pulled back. I stayed for like an hour until a storm seemed like it was coming so I just headed back to my hotel. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Trading the Camera for my Mother-In-Law

I know the title sounds weird but I had the weirdest dream last night. I think that this photography career is really getting to me. I love it but I guess I really do care what people think of me. I think that everyone whose job is considered freelance might have people around them telling them to get a real job. Sometimes it matters to them and sometimes people don’t give it a second though. I do care but then again I don’t. I think the part of my brain that cares come out in my dreams like it did last night.

I had a dream that I had got married to an some blondish woman (only detail I can remember) and her mother did not approve of me. We were over her mother’s house and apparently my wife loved her mother so much and always took her word on things that she suggested. Well, not everything or else she wouldn’t have married me. But basically, the way that it played out was that we were over her mother’s house and every time I spoke to her or suggested something her mother always had something smart to say back. I mean this woman was a complete- (let’s not say that word).

I don’t understand this part but I was still supposedly in the living room and saw her and her mother standing in the kitchen talking and arguing about how she should not date a man without a real job. This part of the dream is where I woke up. It made me think: why is the world so hard on freelancers? We go through things like clients, attitudes, and our time gets taken just like everyone else. We also get paid just like everyone else and some us get paid way more than anyone with an average 9 to 5 job so why is it a big deal? We get paid for what we do right? It’s a job.

How I Became a Photographer

Believe it or not but I didn’t always want to be a photographer. I wanted to be a meteorologist (yes, the weatherman) but I had no idea on how to go about it or what the requirements were. I had and still do have a fascination with weather and how a man or a woman could possibly predict what the weather will be like today, this week, or even this month. To this day, I still can’t help but to take pictures of the sky and take a diluted guess on the weather.

That dream was a dream that had gotten put to rest awfully quickly.The reason why was because, my parents always made it a thing to want the best for us kids.
So…that meant striving to always get good grades, getting grounded when we took home Cs, and almost attending the best colleges.

My father wanted me to become either a doctor or a lawyer. Yes, it sounds so cliché but believe me there are parents out there like mine-no kidding. When I told my father I wanted to be a meteorologist he almost flipped.

Why? I don’t know because he told me one day that I didn’t necessarily have to be a doctor or lawyer but I should have a career that rakes in money and keeps me busy as a good foundation for my family (which I don’t have and have yet to call the chick from the photography session).

While having a good fountain is all fine and dandy and such but my career teacher also said that it’s best if I do something I love and I do agree on that.
By the time it was time for me to attend college my dad asked me which one and I had already made up my mind that I didn’t know yet and I wanted time to think my priorities over.

My dad and I got into a debate argument and I stopped it before it got any further. I love my dad dearly but he got to choose his career and its only fair that I choose mine. One day I finally came to the realization that becoming a meteorologist wasn’t for me I became the next best thing that I was good at: a photo taker. Ever since then I did it and haven’t looked back since.